Pineapple pastry

Real natural ingredients selected with our dedication to products. We slow cook real fruit to make the filling of pastry together with organic sugar, organic coconut oil. You will enjoy "fresh fruit" aroma, dense texture and delicious taste.

Main ingredients: pineapple jam(freshness pineapple, winter melon, organic coconut oil, maltose, organic sugar), butter, milk powder, cheese, egg, sugar, flour, condensed milk

 Ingredients are all nuts free. However we make products in a shared kitchen, other manufacturer using this kitchen may make nuts products.

 $21/12 pcs &  $16/8pcs

Less Packaging

Individual Package

$2.25 /each $24/12 pcs

put all jam ingredients into stockpot, stir-fry with high heat till 3 hours pineapple juice evaporated

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